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Welcome To My Shop

I can't wait to send you my Mambo DVDs and Meal Plan!

Flex'n Stretch'n Pump'n Mambo Mania DVD - flex'n condition your muscles, stretch'n create flexibility, pump'n strengthen your heart

This new Mambo Mania workout is a comprehensive, 60-minute full-body conditioning program that incorporates strength training, yoga/Pilates and Latin dance moves. Pulsating and upbeat contemporary music keeps audiences motivated and coming back for more!

$19.95 plus tax and shipping

Original Mambo Mania DVD - sizzle the fat away with hot Latin moves

A 30-minute cardio workout packed full of traditional Latin music and moves, teaching audiences basic Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue and Salsa steps. Clarita uses a classic aerobic format in this bilingual workout, leaving audiences ready for the dance floor and, sí, able to count hasta 8 en español!

$9.95 plus tax and shipping

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Clarita's Caloric Cure - The Meal Plan

A step-by-step written guide with accompanying audio CD, accountability and motivational tools that together provides a metabolic solution for healthy weight loss.

$19.95 plus tax and shipping