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Cha Cha Cha Video Clip

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Cha Cha Cha Video
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Clarita's Playlist choices for the Flex'n Stretch'n Pump'n Mambo Mania workout

Mainstream Artist List

#1 Warm-Up
Mas que Nada (Sergio Mendes Feat. The Black Eyed Peas):

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - Mas Que Nada (feat. The Black Eyed Peas)

#2 Stretch'n-Sun Salutaion
That Heat (Sergio Mendes Feat. Erykah Badu & Will.I.Am)

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - That Heat (feat. Erykah Badu & Will.i.am)

#3 Pump'n- Cha Cha Cha
Berimbau/Consolacao (Sergio Mendes Feat. Stevie Wonder & Gracinha Leporace)

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - Berimbau/Consolacao (feat. Stevie Wonder & Gracinha Leporace)

#4 Flex'n- Lunges, Biceps and Latts
The Frog (Sergio Mendes Feat. Qtip / Will.I.Am)

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - The Frog (feat. Q-Tip & Will.i.am)

#5 Stretch'n- Triangle
Save the Last Dance for Me (Michael Buble)

Michael Bublé - It's Time - Save the Last Dance for Me

#6 Pump'n-Samba
Let Me (Sergio Mendes Feat. Jill Scott/Will.I.Am)

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - Let Me (feat. Jill Scott & Will.i.am)

#7 Flex'n-Hamstrings and Quads
Bananeira (Sergio Mendes Feat. Mr. Vegas):

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - Bananeira (Banana Tree) [feat. Mr. Vegas]

#8 Stretch'n- Warrior 1
Surfboard (Sergio Mendes Feat. Will.I.Am)

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - Surfboard (feat. Will.i.am)

#9 Pump'n- Salsa
Please Baby Don’t (Sergio Mendes Feat. J Legend)

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - Please Baby Don't (feat. John Legend)

#10 Flex'n- Shoulders and Upper Back
Samba de Bancao (Sergio Mendes Feat. Samba of the Blessing)

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - Samba da Benção (Samba of the Blessing) [feat. Marcelo D2]

#11 Stretch'n- Warrior 2 and 3
Timeless (Sergio Mendes Feat. India Arie)

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - Timeless (feat India.Arie)

#12 Pump'n- Afro Cuban Rumba
Guajiro (Orishas)

Coming soon

#13 Floor Work- Push Ups, Abs, final stretches
Fo Hop (Sergio Mendes Feat. Guinga & Marcelo D2)

Sergio Mendes - Timeless - Fo'-Hop (Por Tras de Bras de Pina) [feat. Guinga & Marcelo D2]

Original Composition List

Coming soon