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Clara "Clarita" Bassett


Clarita is Clara Bassett (www.clarabassett.net & www.mambomania.net ), founder and CEO of Personal Best (www.personalbestenterprises.net) a "whole life warehouse" and fitness counseling company. A Havana-born dancer and fitness trainer, Clarita brings her Cuban heritage to group exercise classes and private sessions. Her Latin flare combines with a pinch of Yankee know-how guaranteeing workouts that explode with energy and fun. She is a consummate motivator, consistently propelling her students to their highest levels of achievement and success.

Clara has been dancing since she was nine years old, first as a classical ballerina, and then as a professional jazz dancer. Her television and film credits include the iconic seventies dance movie Staying Alive, several television commercials, and a series of exercise videos. She has also choreographed and co-starred with fitness diva Kathy Smith in her Latin Rhythms workout, and has been featured alongside well-known television hosts like Maty Monford from HGTV’s Smart Solutions.

With 30 years in the fitness business, Clarita has owned and managed several high-traffic clubs and studios in Southern California. In 1994, she began expanding her energies into a very successful, in-home personal training business. Her extraordinary successes have catapulted her to newer heights and now, she owns her business office/studio building located in San Pedro, CA. Here, she provides clients with fitness-dance classes, "mini spa" services, hair-care and chiropractic care. At her studio, she also organizes and facilitates testimonial study groups for infomercial marketing companies. Her focus, dedication and skills deliver those dramatic "before and after" results so crucial for successfully marketing "product hits" such as: Body by Jake’s The Hip and Thigh Sculptor, ATC’s Katamibar; Ab Lifter Plus and Windjector from Dosho Design (the creators of Bowflex®); and Guthy-Renker’s Ab Lazer.

Currently, you’ll find Clarita starring in her exhilarating new Latin-based fitness DVD series, Mambo Mania® and promoting her nutritional meal plan and guide, Clarita’s Caloric Cure.

The Clarita brand is dedicated to educating and transforming people’s lives into their PERSONAL BEST through the power of Latin music and movement. The Mambo Mania fitness series and its accompanying products are designed specifically to support such a movement.